What is DACRA ?

DACRA is an easy to use Municipal Enforcement System for officers and administrators to improve their current e-citation and adjudication processes. Modernize your municipality’s violation procedures, including Parking, Code, Animal, Administrative Towing, and State Ticketing. Keep your officers and communities safe, while saving time with simplified mobile ticketing technology.

What is our mission?

Our role at DACRA is to provide your community with the vital gear to improve efficiency and ease, as it coincides with other platforms that your organization uses for day-to-day functions. DACRA takes pride in our desire and ability to tailor our solutions to best fit your community to reach full potential.

Why Us?

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to assisting you and your team to ensure customer success.


As DACRA strives to be the vital gear in each community, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate with ease.

Extensive Training
& Education

In order to ensure customer success, we have configured a talented team that specializes in education in order to train and teach our customers.

Experienced Team

DACRA has a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds that support all facets of our software in order to provide customers with the best possible product.

Rapid Onboarding

Our Onboarding team ensures that transferring into the DACRA software occurs in a timely and efficient manner.

Meet The Team


Expertise and Ethics.

Our team has a combined 100 years of experience working as public servants and technology experts, and in that time we have seen it all.

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One of the largest Illinois-based cities partnered with Municipal Collections of America (MCA) in order to collect on unpaid parking fines. The MCA organization’s effectiveness resulted in the collection of over 10,000 citations monthly, thus making it difficult for the finance department to keep up with. DACRA implemented a custom interface for this city in order to send and receive MCA payment data, as well as well as applying to outstanding citations, and automatically posting general ledger entries into the finance ERP system.
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Would your community benefit from DACRA?

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