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Right now, his municipality is getting to know a lot more about Bill. Not everything. But the town does know enough. They know how many parking tickets Bill has. And how many building code violations. They know that Bill owns three properties in town – one that he lives in and another he rents two out to residents and visitors. Bill is building a pool at one of those properties, and his permit to build can be retrieved at any time.

Welcome to one of the crown jewels of our software suite at DACRA that deal with code enforcement: Core 360

Core 360 provides municipalities with an accurate 360-degree view of the town’s people, properties and vehicles. It connects the dots of documentation and ordinances to create a complete picture of all the residents in your community; from parking tickets to local ordinance to building code violations.

We now have a complete snapshot before the building code inspector visits a particular property, thanks to DACRA’s software.

DACRA Tech's Core 360 Municipal Enforcement Solutions

Learn how DACRA Tech’s Municipal Management Software saves time and resources by streamlining workflows, consolidating record keeping, providing instant data transfer, and enabling cross-department access and execution.

What Happens After The Inspection? A Follow-Up?

Yes – and with DACRA’s help, it doesn’t have to be long before the resident is paid another visit after the first violation. Armed with a bevy of information, the inspector can enter specific violations by ordinance or description. He can also schedule a reinspection and track multiple violations. He can even attach photos to the violations, so he and anyone else can quickly view everything they need to know about the violation history going into an adjudication hearing.

It’s Code Enforcement At Its Finest. And There’s More.

DACRA’s software enables the municipality to enter multiple offenses on a violation. So instead of writing eight violations, you can write one violation with eight offenses on it. The software line items them, in which you can attach pictures and notes to each line item. Every line can be specific to the offense instead of eight offenses with eight images and wondering which one goes with which.