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Code Enforcement Software

A proactive smart solution to code compliance in your community

Code Enforcement Software
A building code violation is not an offense that is as easily remedied as a parking ticket. Still, it is one that municipalities have strived to be more efficient in its process to ensure code compliance in a timelier manner. While a fine can undoubtedly be issued, it doesn’t fix the primary issue at hand if the building remains out of compliance.

How can we address this issue in a smarter way at DACRA? By acting more proactively during critical events that may happen before even issuing a violation. This is where our Code Enforcement Services software can be a terrific solution for all parties involved.


Code Enforcement with a More Proactive Approach

In truth, a few events may occur before issuing a violation, such as a dialogue with the owner, construction that resulted in a poor inspection or a series of warnings. Even so, our in-depth research and feedback reveal that more documentation can occur that would show why the violation occurred.

With this insight in mind, we thought, “What if we could give people in Community Development the tools to manage this process?” These tools have been used to manage properties, permits, inspections, service requests, contractors and warnings. When a ticket is made, it is pushed into DACRA’s code enforcement and municipal administrative adjudication software.

As a result, the municipality has all the supporting evidence, documentation and transactions in the history of the offense to support its claim of a building code violation.

Accountability and Code Compliance Municipality

Foster Accountability and Code Compliance in Your Municipality with DACRA Tech

Having strong historical data in the area of code enforcement becomes critical for accountability on all building ordinances that pertain to:

  • Warnings
  • Citations
  • Hearing notices
  • Fine escalations
  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Service requests

Plus, the municipality has information and solutions by the hearing date to provide needed momentum for further code enforcement.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.