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Inspections and Permitting Software for Governments

Community Development

Streamlining the maintenance of municipal property is easier with our property management and permitting software for local government agencies and municipalities

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Eliminate the silos, paperwork, and inefficiencies by implementing DACRA Tech’s streamlined property maintenance process.

With the DACRA Tech Community Development System, local government agencies can eradicate repetitious data entry and excessive paperwork while coordinating every phase of municipal property maintenance, from Service Requests and Inspections to Permits and Citations.

The Community Development system encompasses a series of sequential and stand-alone activities plus customizable workflows that ensure community compliance and building code enforcement and compliance to locally established standards.

DACRA’s Community Development platform allows administrators and code enforcement personnel to update pertinent information continually regarding individual properties and ownership.

Cross-department accessibility provides real-time information updates and historical data of all activities related to each property’s compliance, reducing the unnecessary duplication of records and superfluous documentation. Request a demo of our permitting software for governments.


How the DACRA Tech Platform Facilitates Community Development

The DACRA Tech System comprises customizable modules that provide an easily accessible snapshot of current and past inspections, code compliance issues, permit issuances, warnings and violations, fine payments, and other resolutions.

On-the-spot data entry or modifications creates or adds to the historic, quickly available, and easy-to-read record of code-related activities for each property, eliminating the need to pore through files of old and inconsistent paperwork.

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Property Views

Individual screen reference specific addresses and owners, including dates, times, pertinent information, and the completion of all activities. The screens provide a straightforward, chronological compilation of issues and activities related to that specific property.
During implementation, DACRA Tech’s Client Success Team will help your staff customize the system to reflect each department’s existing protocols and policies.

Managing Properties More Efficiently

By aggregating records of all activity into a single accessible database, every department can view complete histories of actions of addresses within the jurisdiction.
Consolidated, cross-department visibility eliminates typical organizational silos and reduces paperwork and unnecessary duplication among municipal or county code enforcement departments.

Having a single, accessible database saves money and time, allowing employees to focus on more constructive priorities.

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Property Categories

A typical set of property categories leading up to and including Inspections, Permits, Violations, and Enforcement is as follows:

Service Requests

Service requests may include a variety of activities related to a specific property.

Field, enter and schedule Service Request within CORe360 or allow them to be entered by residents via an online portal. Allow residents to request appointments online and track follow-ups and any action items resulting from an inspection.

The DACRA Tech system allows you to easily issue warnings and schedule re-inspections when necessary, maintaining a history of events and ensuring the completion of tasks throughout the process.

Warnings & Violations

If the municipality has implemented both the DACRA Community Development and DACRA eCitation…


… Modules, the Building Inspector can simultaneously report any infractions and issue an eCitation or Warning while still at the location.

The Inspector or other authorized enforcement personnel can also access the eCitation Module to issue a Warning or a Citation. These actions will be reflected on the individual property page and recorded for appropriate follow-up.

A Warning will initiate and schedule a follow-up inspection to determine whether the Code Violation has been addressed. Unheeded Warnings usually result in a Citation and a subsequent Adjudication action. With Dacra’s Building Code Module, tickets can progress directly into the adjudication process.

Inspectors or authorized officials can add photographic proof and other documentation to the file to support their decision to issue the citation. Should the violation reach a Hearing, this additional proof is readily available to the hearing officer as needed.

Inspector Calendars

As situations arise that involve a qualified Inspector, the DACRA Platform provides users the ability to instantly…


… review its roster of Inspectors’ calendars and schedule the most appropriate one available as soon as possible.

The platform’s ability to schedule events saves time and money, shortening the turnaround from Request to Inspection or re-inspection.

Inspection Management

Assigned building and property inspectors use a hand-held electronic tablet to access the municipality’s…


… customizable Inspection Form.

While at the site, the Inspector records and transmits a Pass/Fail determination for each line item in real-time directly into the electronic form.

This data is instantly recorded on that location’s property page for future reference.

If an item should fail the Inspection, the DACRA system will automatically access the Inspection Calendar where a reinspection can be scheduled.


The Community Development Module customizes the permit process to fit any designated purpose…


… and assigns an Inspector to qualify the application.

Simultaneously, the DACRA platform calculates and invoices Permit Costs based on parameters that might include project costing, square footage, purpose, etc. The Fees may be paid by either the responsible owner or the contractor.

The system will also record pertinent contractors and generate the necessary sub-permits to support the project.

Manage Contractor Licenses

To maintain uniform safety and professionalism, DACRA Tech tracks the licensing of each contractor operating…


… within the area to ensure they are appropriately licensed by the State and Municipality.

By monitoring the status of the insurance and bonding of each contractor, the Municipal Community Development system protects the citizens, developers, and businesses from unscrupulous or unqualified entities.

Continually updated information recognizes only the quality contractors whom the Municipal Community Development department deems qualified.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.