City Lifespan

DACRA provides users with a detailed history of all events associated with a citation, including notices, hearings, payments, enforcement actions, and collections.

Integrate with Financial systems for ease

DACRA has the ability to integrate with your municipality’s Web Pay and Collections outlet to ensure that all financial data associated with a citation are accurately issued and stored. As our software works with you, DACRA establishes a live integration with your financial platforms and streamlines that tasks of batch processing, issuing receipts, and importing/exporting data.

Track Outstanding Violations, Fine Amounts, Track Violators, Vehicles Eligible for Boot, Tow, Impound due to Unpaid Citations

DACRA’s data abilities allow all financial data to be accurately stored and processes. Ensure that your municipality is staying on top of outstanding fees by tracking remaining balances and analyzing the fine amounts. These financial reporting data allows municipalities to stay on top of violators and accurately discovers vehicles eligible for boots, tow, or impound as a result of unpaid citations.

Collections Module

DACRA assists with the tracking of all citations eligible for collections through innovative reporting that tracks citations in the collections status and effortlessly integrations to your Collections Agency with ease.

Analytics and Reporting

The DACRA software provides organizations with the tools to create and analyze their financial records with functionalities. Retrieve this vital data in a simple and concise document with a click of a button.



Two Chicagoland cities, each with nearly 40,000 residents, were looking for a real-time integration between a citation system and their enterprise-wide financial software. They wanted violators to be able to pay their citations immediately through their financial system and needed citation and hearing fine information immediately accessible. Payment data is then instantly available for collections in-person or via online web pay. DACRA works to automatically pull payment records and apply it to internal citation records.
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