Unified State and Local Ticketing

Issue State and Local Ordinance e-Citations with ease and simplify the day-to-day procedures for officers. Improve accuracy and efficiency with easy to use features and mobile abilities.

State Tickets are printed for the respondent and transferred electronically to your RMS as well as to the Circuit Clerk with requisite transfer sheets. State tickets meet the standards of the Illinois Conference of Chief Circuit Court Judges and are AOIC compliant.

Captures GPS Location

DACRA’s software utilizes GPS location to simplify the information inputs by the officers and improve accuracy in the citation writing process

Automatically Assign Hearing Date

Store your municipality’s Hearing information in order to automatically assign and print the violator’s Hearing Dates on each citation printed by the officer.

Evidence Capturing

DACRA’s citation formatting allows for officers to document and capture evidence that appears on the violator’s ticket.

Violator Instructions

Ensure that the violators are given all the required information on how to proceed with their citation by including customizable instructions on payment and hearing information.

Ticketing and Management

DACRA’s software features abilities to write Tow Receipts and issue Administrative Tow Tickets. Impound citations and associated notices are created and printed in the DACRA system, which facilitates Tow Inventory analytics and reporting.

Analytics and Reporting

The DACRA software provides organizations with the tools to create and analyze their records with functionalities like Racial Profiling Reports to Hearing Reports. Retrieve this vital data in a simple and concise document with a click of a button.

Data Sharing

Have full violator record of all violations, warnings, and interactions on both municipal and state level with data sharing capabilities.



Two Chicagoland cities, each with nearly 40,000 residents, were looking for a real-time integration between a citation system and their enterprise-wide financial software. They wanted violators to be able to pay their citations immediately through their financial system and needed citation and hearing fine information immediately accessible. Payment data is then instantly available for collections in-person or via online web pay. DACRA works to automatically pull payment records and apply it to internal citation records.
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