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Permitting Software for Government

Streamline labor and paper intensive processes and provide value-added services to your residents and community.

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If permitting software for government sounds like a concept that’s long overdue, that’s because it is. Thankfully, we can say that the promise and potential of a digital approach to permit and inspection management has been fully realized through the features of DACRA Tech.

What kind of advantages are we speaking of? The kind your municipality should familiarize itself with now.

So let’s highlight DACRA Tech’s strongest features and why its permitting software represents such a big jump in the productivity and effectiveness for government agencies.


Pre-Permitting Software: The Challenges of a Paper-Based System

First, let’s recap where we’ve been in the area of permit and compliance management – namely, we hear a lot about how paper-based systems can cause significant problems for workflows. Why is this?

For one, departments that use paper-based systems are not able to share data amongst themselves with any kind of ease. When data exists in a silo, it doesn’t bode well for sharing information that would tell a consistent story from department to department.

Secondly, a paper trail isn’t as secure as electronic data, so it creates an environment where it’s far easier for vital information to fall through the cracks, which could lead to fines and fraud.

Finally, whenever citizens have had to submit an application, request an inspection, or pay a fee as part of the permitting process, many municipalities have forced them to conduct their business in person or by phone. This lack of an electronic avenue to communication often leads to frustration and inconvenience on both sides. A resource-strapped department has often felt the pressure of approving applications in a timely manner but hasn’t necessarily had the technology to move to a far more streamlined process. 

Enter permitting software from DACRA Tech to transform these workflows for a more modern framework.


What is Permitting Software?

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In the case of DACRA Tech, the software optimizes code compliance and proactively streamlines permits related to property management and community development.

When permitting software is implemented, municipalities like yours can track applications for permits and compliance with certain laws with much greater confidence.

The pinpoint accuracy of DACRA Tech’s platform enables data to be easily accessed by governments that can, in turn, move forward with the timely information needed for code compliance.

To be clear, enforcing code compliance is not necessarily a negative experience for residents and local governments at all. To the contrary, it enables individuals and businesses to advance toward their goals with greater efficiency and growth – which is a very positive reflection of the relationship with their municipality as well.


Common Types of Permits


This is just a sampling of the permit applications that DACRA Tech can bring to your staff as part of a highly efficient approval process.

There are so many types of permits to manage that it’s easy to see how a municipal staff could feel overwhelmed – that is, until code compliance software like the kind from DACRA Tech makes the process amazingly manageable. Here are many of the permit types that our software can help manage:


  • Building Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Elevator Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Roofing Permits
  • Excavation Permits
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Fire System Permits
  • Driveway Permits
  • Special Events Permits

Inspections & Permitting Software Key Features

  • Better Automation

If there’s one substantial advantage that municipalities can experience right away from a transition to permitting software, it’s the element of automation on the permitting process. Gone are the bottlenecks associated with payments and inspection scheduling. In its place is a digital system that is user-friendly and set up to keep permitting activities in a state of continual flow.

  • Better Customization

Permitting software offered DACRA Tech creates an opportunity for your agency to customize an array of steps involved with permitting. The milestone dates, the requirements and more are all able to be incorporated under one umbrella, making the permitting process feel like one you can finally get on top of and control.

  • Better Efficiency

DACRA Tech’s online portal provides one place where a variety of activities associated with permitting can take place, such as inspection requests, fee payment, application submissions and more. Forget the “red tape” that some experience from a traditional process. Our portal moves the essential elements of permitting from process to practical in no time.

  • Mobile Inspections

Inspectors can perform complete inspections online while in the field using an iPad and view and transmit project details, documents and plans right on their mobile device.

  • Better Communication – Alerts and Notifications

Wouldn’t it be great if your permitting software didn’t just collect information but actually played a key role in notifying you about every major stage of the permitting process? There’s a nice thing to take off your hands and DACRA Tech’s permitting software was built for it. Did the project begin? Is there a status change? What payments are due and by whom? These built-in notifications prevent unwelcome surprises and keep relationships between a municipality and its citizens on the same page far more often.

  • Better Transactional Records

Quick. Point to a payment made on a particular permit 84 days ago. When it’s based on paper, there might be serious problems with that. But electronic permitting software has no such issues. Invoices and payments are tracked within DACRA Tech so that there is always an accurate, direct line back to the permit.


The Permitting Software Made for Local Government

DACRA Tech is the answer in permitting software that municipalities like yours have been searching for to bring permitting into a new day and age at last. See for yourself how it works for your world at the local level by receiving a demo of DACRA Tech today.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.