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Summertime: Baseball, BBQ’s and an Increase in Building Department Activity

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

With the warm weather having arrived and summer gracing us with its presence, construction and home and yard improvement season is upon us. It’s a busy season for municipal building and community development departments! Is your municipality prepared for the increased volume of transactions and paperwork? These days, municipalities are typically short staffed and may not have access to the latest tools and technology that could help combat this problem. The right software solution can go a long way in easing the woes of this influx and reducing the burden on your staff.

Intuitive software solutions are available that can damper the amount of stress put on resource strapped departments within municipalities. An investment in the right solution can provide answers to today’s challenges.

There are many challenges that municipalities and their community development departments face these days. One of them is finding the proper tools to help them streamline intelligent solutions. Trying to determine what tools and features would be most beneficial can be a daunting task. What would provide the most benefit for your department? Automating processes, recording interactions, and creating a digital trail to reduce your reliance on paper creates efficiencies that dramatically increase the productivity and morale of your staff, all while improving your resident engagement.

Community Development Solutions today can empower your staff by equipping them with the latest technologies and information available and allow them to utilize these at the office or in the field – all while keeping an accurate and detailed history of all interactions and documentation along the way. Eliminate the need for paper forms and allow your inspectors to work from a laptop or tablet in the field, attach documents and images to record an accurate history, access property and owner history quickly and easily without having to return to the office first.

Municipalities, small and large, are looking to improve community engagement and minimize the staff-time spent on daily transactions without sacrificing the service their residents expect. Resident portals allow the community to interact online with your municipality and complete simple transactions without the need to appear in person.

This convenience allows your staff to focus on their daily tasks and not get bogged down with transactions that can be completed more efficiently online. Reduce the lines and time-consuming procedures that can affect your staff’s productivity.

Whether you’re looking to improve your department’s productivity or enhance your ability to interact with your residents, the right Community Development solution can be a step in the right direction. Equip your department with the ability to rise to the challenges they are facing today and in the future. Provide them with the right tools to meet your community’s needs and in turn improve their ability to perform and your residents’ experience.

Matt Regan, CRO – DACRA Tech, has over 25 years of experience in the municipal software industry and a focus on administrative adjudication. Matt has extensive knowledge of the adjudication process and the governing statutes. Matt has spent his career working with Police, Building, and Finance Departments to enhance procedures and improve operations in government agencies.

DACRA Tech is a leader in the municipal software industry. DACRA provides software solutions for eCitations, Administrative Adjudication, Community Development, and Administrative Tows. DACRA’s state-of-the-art solutions power over 140 Illinois municipalities.

This article was also published in the IGFOA Newsletter in June 2022

DACRA’s state-of-the-art solutions power over 140 Illinois municipalities.

Author:   Matt Regan

Matt has deep operational experience and 25 years in the administration of municipal software industry with a focus on administrative adjudication. Matt has extensive knowledge of the adjudication process and the governing statutes. He has experience in all facets of the process, from reviewing of model ordinances to being involved in the design, testing and implementation of products and services used in the management and enforcement of the adjudication process.


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