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Glenn Theriault

Vice President of Sales

Chief Glenn Theriault has spent over 25 years working with residents to create safer, healthier communities. In the early days of his police career in Elgin, Illinois, he volunteered to live and work as a Resident Police Officer in a struggling neighborhood riddled with gangs and drugs. Collaborating with grassroots community organizers to eradicate gangs, criminals, and general blight turning the community around, Glenn learned the value of fair and efficient handling of municipal violations to create a culture of compliance in a neighborhood.

This translated throughout his career where he ultimately worked with city departments from police to public works to code enforcement to establish an effective and efficient administrative adjudication court from the ground up. Throughout Glenn’s career, he always returned to his roots knowing that working with all aspects of a community makes a thriving community. Today, Glenn regularly consults with municipalities large and small to create effective, efficient, systems. These systems provide violators the highest level of due process while ensuring the costs of enforcement are recovered from the violators, instead of your residents.

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