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Payment Processing

Provide a fast and simple way to pay.

A fast and simple way to pay. An efficient and secure solution for municipal payment and managing municipal revenue.

DACRA Tech provides a fully integrated online payment solution that offers multiple payment type options for the respondent. Electronic payment services from DACRA Tech simplify the flow of funds and phase out the burdens of manual entry.

Eliminate the time-consuming manual data entry process or the need for additional integrations with DACRA Tech’s built-in Credit Card Payment Processing component. Secure the respondent’s information while allowing access to their open ticket status and payment balances.


Private and protected, DACRA Tech’s simplified municipal payment processing creates a fast, reliable way to pay that encourages greater compliance with quicker, more efficient payments. Respondents can readily access their records and pay fines or other charges online or from their mobile devices.


DACRA Tech’s online portal is PCI compliant and built to perform seamlessly with all our applications.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.

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