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Our Services

Diligent about working alongside our clients and providing unparalleled support.

Proven and intuitive municipal enforcement software backed by personalized rapid onboarding and a culture that truly cares about your municipality’s success.

DACRA Tech is fully committed to ensuring that our all-in-one software platform meets the needs of your community. We provide more than software, at DACRA Tech, we created a culture dedicated to our clients’ success and the welfare of the community and its citizens.

  • We help you launch quickly with fast-track onboarding and training.

  • Support every department throughout the transition by providing a sandbox environment for complete understanding prior to launching.

  • Our team has real-life experience in both police and records departments for a complete understanding of workflows.

  • We provide you with live and on-demand training and support to ensure comprehension and maximize your team’s time.

On-boarding & Impletmentation

Get Up & Running Quickly


DACRA Tech’s Partnering Approach to Rapid Implementation

DACRA Tech provides all necessary onboarding resources and support to get you up and running as fast as possible:

  • To work collaboratively to identify the best operational solutions and workflows.

  • To facilitate a successful implementation that addresses all your immediate and future needs.

  • To help your municipality streamline and efficiently manage day-to-day processes, including eCitations, adjudication hearings, finance transactions, record keeping, and more.

  • To build a genuine partnership that helps your municipality accomplish the routine tasks efficiently, so you and your staff are ready to address the challenges of tomorrow.


Let’s go forward together.

Client Success Services

Our Mission


Our software is intuitive, and we help you go live as quickly as possible. We align our support and training to your goals and needs so that you get the most out of DACRA Tech.

Our success is based on developing close personal relationships and trust with each client. We will learn every aspect of your current workflow and work side-by-side to simplify the processes to best meet your agency’s needs for today and tomorrow.

​DACRA Tech’s Client Success Team accomplishes this Mission by:

  • First assessing your needs and workflows and building a customized onboarding plan to help you reach your most important goals faster.

  • Working with all key personnel to implement the ramp-up as quickly as possible to allow for a seamless transition and minimize interference with regular daily routines.

  • Focusing on step-by-step processes to simplify the implementation and make the transition to the DACRA system seamless.

Training Program

We Help You Succeed


Our intensive online interactive training and resource guides enable your team to become comfortable and confident with the software while building their knowledge and using the system to its fullest potential.

New, more extensive technology is only valuable if users understand precisely why and how it can help them.

DACRA’s Training Specialists provide a comprehensive education and training program for every type of learner. They have experience in the industry and understand the overall government process to ensure clients are set up for success at each phase of the onboarding journey.

Our Client Success Team will:

  • Help your staff map the path to product adoption and understand that education is an ongoing process that drives customer satisfaction.

  • Enable your team to become comfortable and confident with the software, continue to build up their knowledge base, and, in short, order, use the system to its full potential.

Support & Post Implementation

DACRA Tech is Here for You


DACRA knows an amazed customer is also a loyal customer!

Relationships developed during our excellent customer service experience create the foundation for natural long-term support and person-to-person timely solutions.

A reliable support ticket system is in place to assure your municipality’s support requests are channeled to the right team, addressed as soon as possible, and tracked through completion.

Mailing Services

Optional Service


We understand the time it takes to print and send notices; let us automate and trigger timely mailings and notifications for you, so you never have to worry.

DACRA Tech can provide optional mailing services, including providing envelopes, collating, and postage to take the burden off of your staff if desired.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.

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