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Why DACRA Tech?

Expert client team beside you every step of the way.

DACRA Tech is a deep reservoir of know-how and industry-leading software and solutions.

And we’re passionate about empowering our clients to succeed in their goal of building safer, flourishing communities. We do this by making things simple. Our intuitive and transformative technology breaks down departmental silos, making information, status, and financial transactions transparent and viewable by multiple departments at any time. This means your teams can be more efficient and productive. Moreover, the cost to your agency and residents will be significantly reduced.

Reliable Customer Service

Partnering with us means you’re never alone. Our expert client success team is right beside you every step of the way with on-demand support, throughout the entire process. We serve communities throughout the United States.

Agile Implementation

Our software is flexible and adaptable. Our solutions are configured to fit your day-to-day functions, state statutes, and the needs of your community.

Personalized Rapid Onboarding & Support

We assess your needs and workflows and build a customized, rapid onboarding plan designed to help you reach your most important goals faster. Our client success team works with you side-by-side to uncomplicate the implementation process and makes the transition to the DACRA system as seamless as possible.

Experienced Team

We are a diverse team of technology experts, public servants, operations specialists, and educators, with more than 100 years of experience in the field.

Ongoing Innovation

Driven by our commitment to help you create better, safer, and more prosperous communities, we are constantly innovating with our products and services in order to keep up with the changing needs of communities all across the country.

Customer Success Forums

Another way we partner with our clients is by hosting Client Success Forums on a regular basis. We invite clients to attend so that they can share knowledge, experiences and best practices. Not to mention keeping up to date with the latest industry trends.


We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.

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