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Client Testimonials

Read what our clients say.

DACRA is a very simple and effective system to work with. When we transformed our ticketing and enforcement from a manual paper-intensive process to an electronic process using DACRA Tech, we achieved incredible results within a few months. Our paid tickets pre-adjudication hearing (within 35 days) increased from about 40% up to 70%. And, post-adjudication hearing (35 to 60 days), ticket paid tickets increased up 75% – 80%. The automation made the entire process more transparent and fair. Our officers and staff became more efficient and effective with their time, and compliance within the community increased. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Chief of Police, Village of Norridge

DACRA has served as the foundation for Elgin’s Municipality Enforcement System for a decade, simplifying the processes from the street to the hearing room.


DACRA manages our property code and ordinance violations with ease, allowing us to gain compliance faster.

Hanover Park

Their customer service is also great to work with. They are our favorite vendor.

Chief of Police, Stone Park, Illinois

DACRA is nimble and flexible. From single sign-on to online payment, it is the best end-to-end integrated system with proven results. With DACRA, we significantly increased ticket issued and increased our revenue. By implementing local adjudication and automation, we reduced our costs by 90 cents on the dollar.

CIO, City of Joliet, Illinois

The City of Oak Forest has been using DACRA software for over 15 years and we have been exceedingly satisfied with all phases of the company. DACRA is a stable progressive company with solid solutions. The software is user friendly and their personnel are outstanding. They continually assist our agency with updates and with the administration of the Municipal Hearings process.

Oak Forest

DACRA meets all of our needs by providing a secure data platform that is flexible enough to meet our specific requirements. Couldn’t be happier with our partnership.



We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients. This allows us to delve deeply into workflows so that we can create perfect training programs and achieve rapid onboarding. Implementation can often be accomplished in a matter of a few weeks.

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