Auto-populate Hearing Date

DACRA’s e-Citation features improves accuracy with assigning Hearing Dates, as the software integrates your Hearing Location and Hearing Date Schedule and automatically assigns the associated dates to the violator.

Customizable Violator Instructions on Tickets and Documents

Through DACRA’s e-Citation forms, Violators will receive customizable instructions on each citation that inform them of all Hearing and Fine Instructions to ensure Violator’s awareness and understanding of the proceeding steps.

Final Determination Notice

DACRA can manage your complex and unique fines, fees, and escalations

Analytics and Reporting

The DACRA software provides organizations with the tools to create and analyze their records with functionalities, such as Hearing Reports. Data analytics used by DACRA strive to make your community safer and enhance social responsibility.



Two Chicagoland cities, each with nearly 40,000 residents, were looking for a real-time integration between a citation system and their enterprise-wide financial software. They wanted violators to be able to pay their citations immediately through their financial system and needed citation and hearing fine information immediately accessible. Payment data is then instantly available for collections in-person or via online web pay. DACRA works to automatically pull payment records and apply it to internal citation records.
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