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Tow Management

Tracing Made Easy.

Administrative Tow Tickets

In-field Tow Management


When vehicles must be towed, Tow Tickets can be created on the spot.



The Officer can identify the vehicle and owner, check for other outstanding violations and unpaid fines, applicable tickets, and order the vehicle towed away. The owner/driver can receive a Tow Receipt to reclaim the vehicle or a tow citation if applicable.

Tow Receipts

Quickly Share Tow Data


Tow Receipts can be created quickly and simultaneously with tow citations.



Provide tow-related information to the vehicle owner or tow company immediately. Tow receipt data is live so records clerks can locate towed vehicles immediately. Tow receipts can be printed multiple times at the scene for seamless crash management.

Abandoned Vehicle Management

Tracing Made Easy


Vehicles reported abandoned can be traced through information obtained through the license plate registration, vehicle model, make and year, or VIN.

The process for managing abandoned vehicles at the site involves:

  • Retrieving the identity of the last-known registrant of the vehicle.

  • Generating a vehicle abandonment notice and sending it to the owner’s last known address or issuing a citation at the same time including fines and hearing information.

  • Entering photographic proof of the vehicle’s status and the location at the time of the tow.

  • Abandon can be converted to a tow with a click of a button

  • Utilize heat mapping feature to easily locate abandoned vehicles for immobilization planning


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