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Tow Management Software

Municipal Tow Management Made Smarter Through DACRA Tech

Municipal Tow Management Software

Visual Examples of Tow Management

As we’ve made clear in our other blog posts on tow management, having a great deal more information at the scene of the accident or parking violation would be a vast improvement over the current environment where some drivers and records clerks don’t know where a vehicle has been towed to for a period of time. This information is needed as soon as possible to facilitate data that a records clerk and driver desperately needs. That’s where DACRA Tech’s platform delivers in a way like no other system for a municipality with more data and more clarity. Faster.

Here are a couple visual examples of just what we mean.


Understanding The Tow Receipt

Below, on the right side, you have a good view of what a tow receipt from DACRA Tech will look like. This tow receipt is what will get printed and given to the driver to go pick up their vehicle from the tow yard. In a sense, that accelerated path to information can be a relief to some degree for the driver. So, as you’re providing such a tow receipt to the driver, let’s take a moment to point out some key pieces of data within it that you can call their attention to.

men shaking hands

As you can see, the receipt doesn’t lack any key information for our driver. Among other things, they can see the reason for the tow, the towing company, the tow location and what needs to happen as a next step after the vehicle has been impounded, including how the vehicle can be authorized for release.

All the information seen on this tow receipt is customizable for your municipality. Not bad, right? Wait until you see our tow inventory that makes life for your records clerk so much easier. 


Tow Inventory Dashboard

business man smiling

Next, let’s take a look at the tow inventory list through the dashboard above. If we focus on each column, from left to right, we see the:

  • Original tow date
  • Report or case number 
  • Location of the vehicle
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Year / Color
  • Plate
  • Tow age

On the last bullet point, tow age, we can get a key indication as to the driver’s situation. Having a tow that was 1-3 days ago is one thing. Seeing a tow age sitting at hundreds of days is another, which could be attributed to a driver who has been in lockup and can’t retrieve the vehicle. This tells us that another person such as next of kin needs to be contacted to notify them of the vehicle being impounded. 

Now let’s go through the rows from top to bottom.

In the first row, we see some tows labeled as “uncategorized.” When you have a tow that can’t be identified with a particular ticket number or a person in association with the tow, it comes in this column. But don’t worry – it’s not a black hole in DACRA Tech’s system because there are other ways of pinpointing the data we need. Such as:

Title Search:

If we search by title, this area can communicate who owns the vehicle and we can send them a notification letter that day. So the title search soon triggers a notice automatically.

Next Hearing Dates:

We can see the next upcoming hearing date here and how many vehicles are listed under that classification. As most drivers will not dispute a tow, this information will likely be removed after a hearing.

Certificate Of Purchase:

Do you see at the bottom where it’s labeled, “Awaiting C.O.P.?” These are vehicles awaiting certificate of purchase, which refers to vehicles now out of the driver’s possession and here is a permanent record of that.

As certain events and factors occur within the towing management process, vehicles are pushed down the list from a young tow age to hearings to certificate of purchase, depending on the circumstances that occur.

It’s Tow Management Made Simple Too.

Imagine that. The information was always out there somewhere – but without a platform to harness it and bring it all together, far too many municipalities have been operating with a tow management process with a few too many holes here and there. Those days are over when you switch to the DACRA Tech platform’s solution for tow management. Get a demo of how much better it can be for your city, town or village when you call 847.490.8440, email [email protected] or visit our Contact page.


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