law enforcement

DACRA revolutionizes and simplifies the process of issuing a citation. Improve your officers’ day-to-day functions through time-saving features and improving accuracy through automation, GPS location, and license plate recognition technology.

code enforcement

DACRA’s software offers an effective adjudication case management tool, customized to the way your municipality operates, to gain compliance with your property code ordinances.

administrative hearings

DACRA’s sophisticated administrative hearing management transforms a complex paper-based legal process into an entirely electronic system that manages your hearings with minimal time and little operational overhead.

fine enforcement

Helps manage a full lifespan of citation and management payments DACRA provides users with a detailed history of all events associated with a citation, including notices, hearings, payments, enforcement actions, and collections.

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    Acting as the central gear that organizes your municipality, DACRA works the following to optimize your community’s efficiency and due process:

  • For Collections Agencies – DACRA Ensures all tickets are properly administered from Issuance to Collections

  • For Financial Systems – Integrates with City Financial Systems in order to collects fine and payment data

  • For Records Management – Works with a variety of Police RMS Systems to transfer essential information between the two platforms.

  • Local Law Enforcement Data System – Collaborates with your data system to automatically populate violator and owner information when issuing an e-Citation.

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Dacra is proud to have partnered with the Cook County Department of Admistrative Hearings to build an award winning on-line adjudication platform

Congratulations to Cook County for receiving the prestigious American Bar Association's William R. McMahon Technology Award.



Two Chicagoland cities, each with nearly 40,000 residents, were looking for a real-time integration between a citation system and their enterprise-wide financial software. They wanted violators to be able to pay their citations immediately through their financial system and needed citation and hearing fine information immediately accessible. Payment data is then instantly available for collections in-person or via online web pay. DACRA works to automatically pull payment records and apply it to internal citation records.
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