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Why Easy Onboarding is Critical to the Success of eCitation Deployments

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Any enterprise that undertakes an initiative to deploy new technology such as software, relies largely on their IT team for the success of the project. This doesn’t present a problem in an organization where technology is a central focus and there’s a large IT group with plenty of resources to throw at the project. They can dedicate time and energy to do whatever it takes to ensure that the new tools are fully integrated into their operations. It may take longer and cost more than expected but, at the end of the day, tech-focused organizations have the people and resources needed to see technology deployments through.

But what about organizations where technology is not a primary or even a secondary focus? Government municipalities, Police, building code and fire departments, public agencies, and other organizations that have fewer IT resources available to drive technology deployments. How can they avoid getting mired down in delays, cost overruns, and other disappointing outcomes when they take on the task of deploying new technology systems? How can they ensure their new software delivers results as quickly as possible?

These questions are particularly important for public agencies where IT resources are almost always stretched to the limit, budgets are restricted, and failed deployments can have severe consequences for public safety.

If you’re managing technology systems in a public agency, there are two essential keys you should consider before you launch any IT deployment. First, in addition to evaluating the features and functionality of potential solutions, you should evaluate tools to find an option that is engineered for rapid onboarding. Second, you need to work with a partner, like DACRA Tech,  who is focused on working side-by-side with you to ensure that the new technology is designed to help you reach your goals as fast as possible.

Public safety agencies almost by definition do not have a deep enough IT team that can afford to spend time on complex deployments and extensive training programs. So, you need to ask, “Is this solution designed for rapid customization and easy deployment with the resources that I have today?”

If you look at eCitation solutions from this perspective, it’s easy to see why so many agencies choose to work with DACRA Tech.

At DACRA Tech, we understand that IT is not the first, second, or even third priority in your department. So, when you choose an eCitation solution, you need tools that are designed for easy customization (so you don’t have to reinvent all your existing processes) and rapid onboarding (so you see results faster).

Whether your department handles traffic enforcement, parking violations, tow management or municipal code enforcement, you’ll find that our eCitation solution is engineered specifically to simplify customizations and accelerate deployment. Plus, our team has a thorough understanding of citation workflows based on real-life experience in both police and records departments.  We support every department throughout the transition by providing a sandbox environment that develops a complete understanding prior to launch.

With DACRA Tech code enforcement software, training is integrated into every implementation — not tacked on as an afterthought — so users can get up to speed quickly and seamlessly during the transition from old systems. This allows municipalities to quickly establish more efficient, timely, and credible enforcement programs that eliminate the inherent errors and delays associated with manual workflows.

Another key to the success of an eCitation implementation is to choose hardware that meets the same objectives for easy, rapid deployment. That’s why we recommend Zebra rugged tablets, handheld mobile computers, and mobile printers. Zebra devices are field-proven and engineered for ease of use in real-world applications. Based on our experience, we know Zebra’s hardware will help you get the fastest possible return on your technology investments.

To learn more about rapid deployment of code enforcement software, eCitation solutions, and Zebra devices, contact your DACRA Tech representative today.


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