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Keeping the Momentum Building for a Building Code Violation

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Every person in the construction field must surely love the first sign of Spring. Why is that? As the temperatures rise, so does construction season, from smaller projects such as putting in a shed to very large, time-intensive projects such as putting in a pool or adding on a screened porch.

Being a much busier time for building, construction season also makes for a larger amount of home inspections. Has the electrical been hooked up correctly? Is the plumbing up to code? What part of the structure has not been built to appropriate building codes? All of these questions and then some are part of an inspector’s checklist.

Fortunately, even with a lot of different questions to answer, there’s a terrific way to pull all of this information together in an aggregate to create a clear snapshot of what is and isn’t happening thus far at the job site – all from one hub. It’s the Community Development System from DACRA Tech. Directly from here, the system is able to coordinate and manage digital records of every component of municipal property maintenance and compliance: Contractor information. Service requests. Inspections. Permits. And more.

As data is entered and modified, the DACRA Tech Community Development System updates, creating a history of each code-related activity. Best of all, all files are kept in date and consistent so that, should the municipality need to proceed further to a warning, it has a complete record of documentation to refer to.

If The Red Flags Aren’t Resolved, Does This Trigger A Building Code Violation?

Not immediately, in most cases. At this point, the municipality will typically aim to enter a dialogue with the resident. Dacra Tech’s Community Development software may also issue a warning from its Building Code module.

Of course, if there is still no resolution after this point, it’s time to escalate matters by issuing a ticket. Here again, the Building Code software module will handle the issuance of the building code ticket ticket and, as part of the adjudication process, handle the management of notice creation, fine escalations and hearings.

Let’s say a major construction project has begun to put in a pool in a resident’s back yard. There’s just one problem – the construction crew hasn’t sought the proper permit prior to beginning the work. The municipality brings the issue to the homeowner’s attention and warns the resident that they must apply for a permit for the work right away. Work on the project can’t continue until that time.

Many weeks pass and the municipality still hasn’t heard from the resident. As it turns out, they’ve been poorly advised to ignore the request from the municipality and just let the construction crew continue working on the pool project.

Bad move.

DACRA Tech is then used to issue a steep building code violation that requires a hearing.

Knowing the ease of DACRA Tech with its Community Development software to manage inspections and service requests, warnings and ticket issuances for a building code violation, municipalities now have the essential technical “muscle” behind their communication to ensure more projects are in compliance. If not, the Building Code module can easily issue a ticket that must be paid in order for the work to carry on.

Obviously, many parties involved, from the resident to the construction team, have an incentive to see that happen. We see this as a positive to help move a particular construction or home improvement project on to the next stage, such as installing drywall in a room.

This is the great “win-win” that DACRA Tech presents in that in that, in the short-term, it benefits the residents who can keep their construction moving. In the long-term, it benefits the future owner of the property who doesn’t need expensive surprises due to a previous homeowner never addressing a key element of the home.

What’s The Advantage of Issuing a Warning and Building Code Violation Faster?

When a municipality is able to escalate the process from warning to ticket issuance to increased fines and hearings, it benefits the municipality that wants to enforce timely and consistent compliance, so construction projects are built safely and securely. And a municipality with the data to show it keeps its construction projects moving sends a clear, powerful message that it is a community built to grow and thrive.

To see how DACRA Tech can transform the entire process of community development, including the handling a building code violation in your municipality, ask us for a demo today by calling 847.490.8440 or emailing


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