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Know Your Municipality’s Data and You’ll Know Transparency

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Quick: How many citations are you writing this month? What locations or areas are your “trouble spots”? Do you have that information readily available to your city council and citizens?

If there’s one thing that municipalities need to have in greater demand in response to constituents, it’s transparency.

For example, let’s say the community wants to know how many tickets have been issued to a segment of the population like juveniles by a specific date or in a specific area. In an effort to understand this information better, a local newspaper files a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request with your city. Now you’ve got to come back quickly with the answer to how many tickets your officers issue to particular people versus a different demographic.

Even if you’re able to comply with clear answers this time, receiving information requests like this every week is only going to continue. That could cause your department to be stretched thinner than it already is. But that’s precisely where the software of DACRA Tech can fill an important void for your officers and municipality.

Getting Deeper Insights From Municipality Data

DACRA Tech can pull a wide range of data and provide reporting on ticket issuance for each administrative hearing. We can drill down on analytics to help cities and towns know where the ticket happened, right down to the exact street. In fact, the software can tell how many tickets overall were written on that street too.

For municipalities, officers, and those requesting information, DACRA Tech ensures compliance and accuracy on various municipality data slices. There’s also the benefit of allowing a department to move on with other pressing responsibilities of the day rather than be mired in information request compliance activities.

Let’s say you want to ensure your officers can issue pedestrian stops that are compliant and fully documented when approaching a civilian. You know the document that traditionally accompanies a pedestrian stop is a small piece of paper that takes some time to write. What if the officer had an easy place to input this data electronically instead?

With DACRA Tech’s solution, your officers can do just that. At that moment, not only does DACRA Tech’s platform make it faster for the officer to do the right thing, but it also offers a convenient place for them to input information. It also tells a more complete, accurate story of municipality data as the state can track how many pedestrian stops the officer is issuing per year.

Join DACRA Tech for a 30-minute webinar that could streamline the way your department handles violations and send it into a new era of high productivity:

“Is Your Municipality Maximizing Every Adjudication Opportunity?”

March 23, 2022

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM CT

It can be frustrating and deflating to send state tickets to the county clerk and see that they’re not getting adequately processed due to backlogs. Learn how you can begin to dramatically change this state of affairs for the better with a new webinar from DACRA Tech that’s perfect for:

  1. Police Chiefs

  2. City CIOs

  3. City Managers

  4. Adjudication Teams

After the webinar, one of our team members from DACRA Tech can schedule a day and time to speak with you about solutions for your specific county.

Sign up with us today at or call 847.490.8440.


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