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Software Implementation: Making DACRA Real for Your Municipality

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Any time a municipality invests in an upgrade to its infrastructure or technology, it’s a mix of eager anticipation at how much better the upgrade could be and nervousness about the software implementation phase of how things are actually going to work once inside the environment.

In other words, it’s the fear that someone is going to sell you a piece of municipality software and walk away.

At that point, does it make any difference how advanced the technology is if employees are confused on how to fully utilize it? It’s a big reason why DACRA will never do that.

DACRA Tech’s typical 90-day Municipality software implementation process

We’re in it for the long haul with our municipal customer relationships, which is why software implementation may be the most important stage of all. We’re successful when you’re successful.

So what does that look like and how do you move from investment to onboarding to a team that feels very comfortable using DACRA Tech day-to-day?

Let’s do a walk-through of DACRA Tech’s typical 90-day rapid onboarding plan and software implementation process together.

Month 1: Discovery

We’ve found there’s always one big factor to making our software implementation work in a range of different municipalities that have different needs. That factor is to immerse ourselves in the environment. It’s not purely about you fully understanding DACRA Tech. It’s about DACRA Tech fully understanding YOU – your team, your processes, your regular challenges, your needs, your goals, everything.

So, from the very beginning, our team takes the time to meet with all of your departments to engage in a Discovery process. This deep dive with each department enables us to comprehend your processes and align with what you truly need to make onboarding and implementation spectacularly effective.

As you might imagine, this is where you will do a great deal of communicating about the way you do things in your municipality and our team at DACRA Tech will do a great deal of listening with information gathering. All in preparation of customizing testing and training to come that reflects everything you need from a software platform like ours, not overwhelming you with non-practical features.

Month 2: The Sandbox

Having obtained a wealth of data about the needs of your departments, we can now create a “sandbox” for you. What is a sandbox? It has nothing to do with sand.

It’s a practice site where you’ll be set up to “play” with your live data, set it up the way you exactly want and have no fear of harming the site by making any critical mistakes.

Simply put, you can’t break a sandbox site. Not even if you tried. Change the data, run through hypothetical situations all you like and test the sandbox as if everything you’re working with is operationally live. It’s what getting comfortable with the system is all about. You can keep your sandbox to train future new hires, or experiment different workflows without effecting your live data.

Month 3: Training

Now that you have a much better feel for how you can work with DACRA Tech and all its features, the final month of our implementation consists of training. Even here, there are several options to keep things flexible.

We can train departments separately or together. After a final review, DACRA goes live and is ready to serve your municipality.

We’ve just engaged in a seamless plan transition to a more robust system typically within 90 days. Bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?

Software Implementation to Ongoing Software Support

Municipalities change and evolve their needs. The software behind them should do the same.

To help you address the challenges of tomorrow, DACRA’s post-implementation approach consists of a solid support ticket system that is more than ready to handle your request and quickly route it to the right team. Every step is sufficiently tracked from the support ticket request to completion, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

What Will Your Municipality Look Like 90 Days from Now?

The change could be incredible and it’s not that far away. Close the gap between what your municipality could be and how it’s delivering so much more by receiving a demo of DACRA Tech today. Implementing a new era in municipality software is an easier transition than you realize.


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