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New Tow Ticket System Brings Order To The Scene Of The Accident

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The scene of an accident is frequently a chaotic time where people are trying to clean up the crash site and get it done as fast as possible so as not to cause an even further traffic pileup. With all that’s happening at that moment, it’s easy to have key bits of information fall through the cracks and steps need to be retraced later.

Let’s take the example of Sandra, who was in a car accident last night and taken to the hospital. When she awakens the next morning, she’s in panic mode. “Oh my gosh. I forgot about my car. Where’s my car? They were telling me where it was, but I was in such a state of confusion that I wasn’t paying attention.”

She calls the police station to hopefully locate where her car was taken to, but she’s not optimistic. After all, there are millions of cars out there. How in the world are the police going to instantly know which car she’s referring to and then pinpoint the tow lot where that car actually is?

Good thing Sandra lives in a municipality that uses the DACRA Tech platform, with a towing management feature that leads to a better process for all parties involved.

Did You Know:

Some Municipalities Have Dozens Of Towing Companies They Have To Use?

In certain states, the law declares that a municipality can not have an exclusive relationship with just one towing company. So tow companies can reach out and say, “I want to be on your tow inventory list” even if they only tow one vehicle per month!

While most municipalities average five to 10 tow companies that must be used, we recently onboarded a municipality to DACRA Tech that must use 40 different towing companies! You can see how confusing this might be for both a records clerk and the driver to locate a vehicle.

40 towing companies? How does anyone keep all of those straight? Especially if the information isn’t constantly updated and well-managed. Fortunately, DACRA Tech’s towing management feature is literally made for that, with a far more transparent view of tow tickets and tow receipts instantly uploaded to the system that is more informative for the tow company, records clerk, and driver.

A Tow Ticket With So Many Answers In Mere Seconds

DACRA’s towing management system makes it amazingly easy at a glance to see where the victim’s vehicle has been towed to. In fact, as Sandra is learning the towing company’s location where her car is, the tow company is receiving information on her as well, so both parties are in sync.

Nobody likes or looks forward to being towed, of course. But there is something to be said for making the experience better for people so that, even in a tough situation, municipalities can be more efficient and helpful.

One illustration of this is when a number of vehicles have parked illegally on a street. Clearly, an officer can’t ignore this, so he generates multiple tow tickets and tow receipts, puts them on all the vehicles in parking violation, and then sends notices to all offenders that their vehicle has been towed.

With DACRA Tech, officers and the community can help one another to get all the data they need to move swiftly from point A to point B. And that’s a better outcome for everybody. See how this entirely new level of efficiency can apply to your city, town, or village with a demo of the DACRA Tech platform today when you call 847.490.8440, email or visit our Contact page.


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