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7 Reasons DACRA Tech is the first Choice for Municipal Management Software

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

When you choose a technology partner or software solution, there’s a lot more that goes into your decision besides functionality and features. Sure, you need to know that the product can handle the specific challenges that your organization faces, but it helps to understand what’s under the surface and what your partner brings to the table besides a specific piece of software or hardware.

So, let’s take a brief look at seven things that set DACRA Tech apart when it comes to code enforcement software.

7 things that set our code enforcement software

Before we get to the list, however, it’s helpful to understand our high-level goals and where we’re coming from. If there are two things we want every prospective DACRA Tech customer to understand, it’s 1) that we’re passionate about helping our clients’ build safer, better functioning communities, and 2) that our team has real-life, hands-on experience that gives us a thorough understanding of public agency technology challenges.

Now the list of seven reasons why DACRA Tech is the first choice for municipal management software:

1. Industry knowledge.

At DACRA Tech the quality of our software and services is driven by the depth and experience that our team brings to the table. Our leadership group has decades of hands-on experience in municipal technology solutions for law enforcement, code enforcement, e-commerce, analytics, and more. This gives us a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face and helps us optimize our solutions in ways that less experienced partners simply can’t match.

2. Reliable customer service.

We understand that the initial installation and launch is only the beginning of your experience with DACRA Tech, and we know it takes a lot more than technical proficiency to build a relationship that benefits our clients over the long haul. So, partnering with DACRA Tech means you’re never alone. Our client success team will be right by your side from initial planning and proof of concept all the way through deployment, user training, and beyond.

3. Broad technical experience.

In addition to more than 100 years of experience in municipal software management, our technical team has a deep understanding of a broad base of technology solutions. This combination of industry experience and broad technical expertise allows us to leverage a wide range of technology tools to develop targeted solutions that are optimized to address the specific challenges of municipal software applications like eCitation.

4. Agile implementation.

Nobody wants to be locked into a rigid process that forces you to adapt or change all your internal processes and workflows, just to conform to the requirements of new technology systems. And nobody wants to be stuck with a system that can only be implemented one way. DACRA Tech offers a flexible and approach to implementation with solutions that are designed specifically to adapt to your day-to-day operations.

5. Rapid personalized onboarding.

There are very few things that will diminish the return of a technology investment more than rigid structures that make deployment and onboarding difficult. DACRA Tech understands that most municipal agencies have limited IT resources that they can dedicate to deployment and user training. So, we engineer our solutions specifically to allow for customized and rapid onboarding that streamlines your transition and accelerates your return on investment.

6. Ongoing innovation.

We’re committed to helping our clients create better, safer communities with technology solutions that meet the challenges that you face today—and those you may have to face in the future. That’s why we are constantly focused on innovation, working with agencies across the country to anticipate new developments and build new solutions that constantly improve municipal management software solutions.

7. Customer success forums.

One of the most important tools we use to stay on top of the needs of our clients is hosting regular customer success forums. Clients are invited to attend these customer-centric events to share industry knowledge, explore best practices, and discuss the latest trends and challenges. These forums give our clients valuable information they can put to work in their agencies, and we gain insights that can be used to improve our technology solutions.

Please contact DACRA Tech today if you would like to learn more about our approach to municipal software management And we hope that after reading this blog you will consider DACRA Tech as your first choice for municipal management software.


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